Press Release
End of Voter Registration for Phase One



(for Immediate release 08/07/2018)


End of voter registration for phase one


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About Us

VISION: To be a professional organization that delivers credible elections in accordance with national laws and international best practice to strengthen genuine democracy and peace in Malawi

MISSION: As an independent constitutionally mandated and impartial institution, the Malawi Electoral Commission shall professionally deliver credible, transparent, inclusive, efficient and cost effective elections to promote and entrench democratic values and peace in Malawi.


Integrity: To carry out our activities in an honest and truthful manner; to take all reasonable measures to prevent willful wrong doing by our staff/officials; and to ensure compliance and respect for electoral laws of the country.

Independence: To operate freely in our own best judgment without taking directives from or being controlled by any person or authority.

Professionalism: To have properly trained, motivated and disciplined staff that is committed to the delivery of credible elections.

Transparency and Accountability: To ensure that all electoral activities are open to the public, judicial and government scrutiny, and to be responsive to the views and concerns of voters and other stakeholders.

Excellence: To always strive to be above standard in the delivery of our services.

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