Malawi Electoral Commission delegation visited Electoral Commission of Zambia on a study tour of their Electoral Management Body recently from January 15th – 21st 2017.

The chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission, Justice Dr Jane Ansah S.C, chaired the two member delegation, the other member was Acting Deputy Chief Elections Officer Ms Thandie Nkovole.

The aim of the visit is for the body to learn how voter education is done in Zambia as well as the electoral and administrative processes which the commission of Zambia follows.

During their stay the members will met with officials who briefed them on various voter education strategies, the policies they follow and the method of voter registration that was used during their most recent Elections.

They will also be briefed on the electoral processes.

The members were able to also pay a visit to the Zambia Commission’s warehouse to appreciate how they run their ware house there.

The members were able to have field visits to one of the constituencies within the country for a lesson learning and experience drawing on how civic and voter education is done in Zambia.