The Commission


The Malawi Electoral Commission comprises of a Chairperson, a judge nominated by the Judicial Service Commission  and at least six Commissioners appointed by the President in consultation with political parties represented in Parliament. The President appoints suitably qualified persons to be members of the commission and  the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament  determines their conditions of Service.

Terms of Office

The Chairperson is appointed on the nomination and recommendation of the Judicial Commission, while the other members are nominated by an Act of Parliament for a four year period, unless re- appointed for a new term.

Functions of the Commission

The Commission has powers to appoint such other professional, technical officers and support staff as it deems necessary on such terms and conditions. There may also be seconded to the Commission such number of public officers that   the Commission may arrange with the appropriate authority.

The Commission is serviced by the Secretariat headed by the Chief Elections Officer appointed by the Electoral Commission . The CEO is the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission and is answerable only to the Commission.


Strategic Issues and Objectives

  • Development and implementation of sustainable management systems to ensure effective operations of the Commission;
  • Improved delivery of quality electoral services to the stakeholders;
  • Improved collaboration and partnership with interested parties (political parties, NGOs, mass media, electorate, religious communities, academics, government);
  • Improved information gathering and dissemination services.



“To conduct free fair, credible  and cost effective elections on a regular basis as required by the Constitution”